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A karahi (pronounced /kəˈraɪ/, Hindi: कड़ाही kaṛāhī, Urdu: کڑاہی; also kadai, korai, karai, kadhi, kadahi, kadhai or cheena chatti) is a type of thick, circular, and deep cooking pot (similar in shape to a wok) used in Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Nepalese cuisine. Karahi are traditionally made out of cast iron, and looked like woks with the rounded bottoms. They are sometimes now made with other materials like stainless steel and copper and non-stick, and flat bottomed varieties now exist.

Karahi Masala

Karahi are useful for the shallow or deep frying of meat, potatoes, sweets, and snacks such as samosa and fish, but are most noted for the simmering of stews or posola, which are often named karahi dishes after the utensil. Stews prepared in a karahi include "chicken karahi" and "karahi paneer." Stews prepared using other methods are sometimes also referred to as karahi.

Kadhai dishes can be easily cooked with Khasiyat Karahi Masala.

Other Information of Karahi Masala
  • Ingredients of Karahi Curry Powders: Ajwain Seeds, Nigel Seeds, Dill Seeds, Cumin Seeds, Star Flower, Mac, Clove, and Nutmeg
  • Suggested Dishes of Karahi Masala Kadai paneer. vegetable Karahi, Karahi Masala Koftay, Karahi Chicken, Karahi gosht, Liver Karahi Masala, Karahi Mutton Masala, Fish Karahi, Masala Machli Karahi, prawns karahi,
Karahi masala

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