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Maharastrian ghati masala for curries
Ghati, of course, is the somewhat derogatory nickname for the Maharashtrian who comes from the other side of the Ghats; meaning the rural citizen as opposed to the townie. Ghatis are actually a simple people who would not give up living in the hills for all the attractions of a city. And perhaps, it is because this Maharashtrian in Panchgani is a Ghati, that he jazzes up his food with that extra hint of spice. The cool climes of the hill-station create a hunger that can only be satiated by food that is robust, wholesome, and spicy in content.
Like the Kombdi Masala, a watery thin chicken curry spiced with red hot chillies, black peppers etc... This is best enjoyed with the jowar roti called Bhakri and a garlic chutney. The Bhakri is not a soft, absorbing bread, so you cannot dunk it into the chicken curry and hope to soak in the curry.

Ghati curry powders

Maharashtrian people eat quite chili hot food. Most of the spices they use are hot in nature and taste. Its flavors and aroma of Maharashtrian food makes us hungry. The main spices are stone flower, cloves, cinnamon sticks, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, red chilies, black pepper, anis tar, coconut, and roasted peanuts. Usal-panv, misal-panv, patal-bhajee, etc... are most attractive dishes of Maharashtra. Not only the aroma of ghati mix is different than regular masala mix, but its taste is too. Khasiyat masala attempts to give you real aroma with controlled hotness. You have to add khasiyat ghati curry powders after frying any item you want to give its flavors to.


Any type of food can be prepared in Ghati style, fry your choice of half done food with just cumin seeds and mix in Khasiyat Ghati Curry Powders stir thoroughly and add saved stock in it, then cook it till full done.

Other Information of Ghati Curry Powders
  • Ingredients of Ghati Curry powders: Stone Flower, Cloves, Cinnamon Sticks, Cumin Seeds, Coriander Seeds, Red Chilies, Black Paper, and Anis Star
  • Suggested Dishes of Ghati Curry Powders Usal pav, misal-pav, patal bhaji, Kombdi Masala, pitla bhakri masala, bakara rasadar [could be lamb, goat or beef], koli machhi [could be fish or prawn]
chana masala ready to cook spice mix

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